Jessie Ventura Gets Some Awful News After Attacking Chris Kyle’s Widow

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Last year, Jesse Ventura made headlines when he won a $1.8 million lawsuit against the estate of Chris Kyle, the heroic war veteran whose life story was turned into the hit movie American Sniper.

Millions of fans were outraged when they heard that Ventura was moving forward with the lawsuit after Kyle’s untimely death and therefore targeting the veteran’s wife Taya. Ventura was finally given the bad news this week that this lawsuit may not end up so well for him after all…

According to Conservative Tribune, experts say the lawsuit decision is likely to be overturned on appeal, or at the very least sent to a new trial. Taya Kyle has been appealing the decision for the past year, and it seems likely the appeal will be successful according to statements made by Ventura’s own attorneys.


During the appeal’s closing arguments, an attorney for Ventura told the jury that the $1.8 million would be paid out by Harper Collins, who published Kyle’s book, rather than by his estate. The judge immediately said the statement was extremely inappropriate, as it gives the jury an “out” to let Ventura win while also not feeling bad for punishing Kyle’s widow.

The judge has now ordered Ventura’s attorneys to find some sort of legal precedent where a statement like this would be allowed, a task which appears to be impossible.

It should be noted that Ventura has promised to move to Mexico if this decision is overturned. Back your bags, Jessie, because it looks like you’re out of here!

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