Hero Veteran Shot In Oregon Massacre Drops Bombshell

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A few weeks ago, we reported that another school shooting took place at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, and it claimed the lives of at least ten people. Within hours of the shooting, President Obama was already shamelessly using this tragedy to push his own ridiculous anti-gun agenda.

After the shooting, Obama travelled to Roseburg planning to meet Chris Mintz, the heroic war veteran who was shot seven times while he tried to take the shooter down. Mintz, however, refused to meet with Obama, making it clear that he would not be a prop for Obama’s gun-grabbing agenda.

Now, Mintz has broken his silence about the shooting, and has revealed the terrifying words the shooter said to him.

“That’s what you get for calling the cops,” the shooter told him, according to Conservative Tribune.

Mintz described confronting the gunman in the door of his classroom in a Facebook post.

“All of a sudden, the shooter opened the classroom door beside the door to my left, he leaned half of his torso out and started shooting as I turned toward him,” Mintz wrote in the Facebook post. “He was so nonchalant through it all, like he was playing a video game and showed no emotion. The shots knocked me to the ground and felt like a truck hit me.”

Mintz began the post by describing how “normal” the day was when his writing class suddenly heard gunshots.

“My teacher walked up to the door that connected our classroom and asked if everyone was OK, no one could tell what the yelling was. The teacher knocked on the door and there were gunshots that sounded like firecrackers going off,” he wrote. “So we all got up and took off out of the classroom and I stopped and held the door open and waited for everyone to leave safely. We all took off running down the breezeway toward the library — a boy and I collided while running because of the chaos and it knocked me to the ground.”

The veteran went on to say that he, “yelled to the guy in the parking lot, ‘You need to go get the cops,’ ‘Tell them where we’re at,’ he couldn’t hear me so I had to repeat it a few times.”

That’s when the shooter came out of the classroom he had been in and shot Mintz.

“He shot me again while I was on the ground and hit my finger and said: ‘That’s what you get for calling the cops.’ I laid there, in a fetal position unable to move, and responded: ‘I didn’t call the cops, man; they were already on the way,” Mintz recounted.

“He leaned further out of the classroom and tried to shoot my phone. I yelled, ‘It’s my kid’s birthday, man!’” Mintz wrote, referring to his 6-year-old son. “He pointed the gun right at my face and then retreated back into the class.”

“The only thing I could say was, ‘It’s my son’s birthday. Please call my son’s mom and tell her I can’t pick him up from school today,’” he concluded. “An officer kneeled down behind me and said, ‘Everything is going to be OK.’”

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