She Took This ‘Sexy’ Halloween Costume Too Far…

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Halloween is right around the corner, so millions of Americans are scrambling to find the perfect costume for that spooky night.

While dressing up for Halloween is meant to be fun, stories like this serve as a grim reminder that it’s important to not take things too far.

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Last year, Jess Wilby decided to dress up as a “sexy Medusa” for Halloween, and she found a cool pair of green contact lenses to help her transform into the mythical creature. According to Mad World News, she quickly began feeling pain in her eyes after inserting the contacts, and she woke up the next day to find her eyes swollen and red.

When Jess rushed to the emergency room, doctors told her that the contact lenses were the cause of her problems.

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“We have had to treat patients who have suffered corneal ulcers, corneal abrasion, vision impairment and even blindness as a result of [these] products,” said Chief Medical Director of Optical Express Dr. Steve Schallhorn, adding that this kind of thing is happening way to often now.

This year, Jess is speaking out to warn others about going too far with their costumes.

“My advice to anyone planning their Halloween costume and contemplating purchasing lenses like the ones I used would be to stay very cautious!” Jess warned. “I followed the instructions on the packaging and still managed to get seriously hurt.”


Jess added that consumers should not believe retailers when they say the lenses are safe, because they’re actually “anything but.”

We at Mr. Conservative hope you have a happy and SAFE Halloween!

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