After Horrific Terrorist Attack, This Country Used 13 Muslims To Send BRUTAL Message To Jihadists

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Thanks to his shameful cowardice, President Obama has shown the world that they can launch terrorist attacks against the U.S. in the name of Islam because he will not try to punish them.

Other countries, however, have chosen to make examples out of Muslim terrorists in an attempt to deter jihadists from attacking them.

In June of 2014, China executed 13 Muslim terrorists who committed a series of terrorist attacks in the region of Xinjiang.

“The 13 criminals had planned violent terrorist attacks and ruthlessly killed police officers, government officials and civilians, which took innocent lives, caused huge property losses and seriously endangered public security,” China’s official press agency, Xinhua, announced, according to Conservative Tribune.

One of the devastating attacks killed 24 police officers, another killed 39 people in a marketplace.

Yu Huitang, a spokesperson with the Xinjiang Regional Higher People’s Court, revealed that “the sentences are a warning to those who have religious extremist thoughts and intend to incite violence.”

With these executions, China has sent a message that they will NOT tolerate terrorist attacks in the name of Islam. This is in stark contrast to Obama, who is more focused on shutting down Guantanamo Bay than on saving the lives of innocent Americans.

We applaud China for executing those Muslims: the terrorists got EXACTLY what they deserved!

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