Judge DESTROYS Smug #BlackLivesMatter Hoodlum

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Latausha Nedd is a militant ‘Black Lives Matter’ activist who goes by the pseudonym “Eye Empress Sekhmet.”

Nedd has made a name for herself in the race-baiting community with a series of bizarre Youtube videos in which she violently threatens police officers and police stations. According to Conservative Tribune, Nedd’s violent threats caught up with her last week when she was arrested for threatening a white cop.

When she saw that she would be appearing before a black female judge in a preliminary hearing, Nedd was likely overjoyed and thinking that she would go free. Unfortunately for her, she turned out to be very wrong.

Watch as Judge Wanda Dallas gives Nedd a much-needed dose of reality before ruling that her case was eligible for criminal charges in Superior Court.

“More violence to protest violence gets us nowhere,” Dallas told the shameless race-baiter.

“You show two police officers and say it’s open season on killing cracker cops,” the judge continued. “(D)oes that fix the problems that we have in this country?”

Dallas told Nedd that she was using her videos to “inflame and incite” domestic terrorism, and now she will need to answer for that in a court of law. We LOVE the message this judge sent to all ‘Black Lives Matter’ activists!

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