She Sent Her Husband This Sexy Selfie – But What’s Behind Her Led To Their Divorce


October 19, 2015 10:12am PST

When his young wife went away on a business trip, he asked her to send him some sexy selfies. He never expected to see this in the background…

The wife has been identified as a woman named Chelsea, and she had been quite promiscuous in the past. She had promised her husband that she would stop cheating, but then she left town on a business trip for a few days…

According to Mad World News, she sent her husband these two sexy photos from her hotel room:



These may look like awesome pictures, but when her husband received them, his heart immediately sank. He revealed why in a series of text messages to his wife…


We believe in second chances, but if someone keeps cheating on you, then you know it’s time to let them go!

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