Country Singer Raises Eyebrows When She Lifts Up Her Shirt…

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Last week, country music singer Jessie James Decker posted a photo of herself getting ready for a date, and it quickly went viral for all the wrong reasons.

According to Mad World News, Decker gave birth to her first child recently, and many fans were concerned that she lost the baby weight way too fast. Looking at the picture, it’s easy to figure out why they thought that…

#datenight wearing my @kora.rae #kittenish “Ross” leather pants in petite and my ivory “romy” blazer ❤️❤️❤️ #meow

A photo posted by Jessie James Decker (@jessiejamesdecker) on

Now, Decker has taken to Instagram once again to set the record straight, saying she doesn’t want to “mislead” anyone. Her newest photo shows her real post-baby body, and describes what she has gone through in the last few weeks.

I appreciate all of the sweet comments about how tiny I look after baby! But I don’t want to mislead any mommy’s who just had babies and are stressing! I gained 55 pounds with my daughter and only 27 this time! I gained so much with her because I threw up every day for five months and of course was starving after so I would shove anything in my mouth to make that hunger feeling go away. This time I ate very normal and would take occasional walks. I am still 15 pounds away from what I was originally before I got pregnant with Vivianne. I take occasional walks but haven’t done anything yet to try and lose weight and am in no rush! Nursing mamas should def not try and do any severe diets or milk supply will run low! My tummy is still swollen and you can see my c-section scar and pooch! I had another due to my 9lb baby and petite frame. So no rushing and no stressing about losing weight! Wanted to make sure y’all saw what my tummy looks like under the tank top and blazer…I do wear a belly waist train thingy a few hours here n there which helps c section mamas and swelling to go down. I am so glad we all can support each other. Being a mommy is so rewarding but hard work so we need to stick together and help each other out. I’m not perfect but I do my best. That’s what it’s all about. So never be hard on yourself. I’m going to try and do more posts like this. So feel free to ask anything below and will try and incorporate it in another mommy post! ❤️y’all

A photo posted by Jessie James Decker (@jessiejamesdecker) on

Decker promised that she will be posting more photos like this, saying that mothers “need to stick together and help each other out.”

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