Mother ANNIHILATES Burqa-Clad Muslim Women On Bus

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A mother in the United Kingdom is being accused of racism after video went viral of her launching into a rant against two Muslim women on a bus and calling them “ISIS b*tches.”

“Talk your f***ing language. Keep laughing. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. With your bombs hiding underneath your clothes,” the mother screamed at the Muslims, according to Daily Mail. “I don’t f***ing like you people because you’re f***ing rude. You come to England and you have no f***ing manners. Go back to your f***ing country where they are bombing every day, don’t come here where we are free.”

When one of the Muslim women tries to fight back, the mother tells her, “shut your mouth.”

“F***ing sandbags,” she continued. “F***ing Isis bitches.”

Finally, the bus driver intervened and tried to get everyone to relax, but the mother didn’t stop there!

“What happened? What happened?” she asked as she picked up her baby. “Isis got into the country, that’s what happened.”

“Have you both got the same husband? Have you? Are you still sleeping with the same man? Is that how it works?” she asked the Muslim women again. “Are you sleeping with her husband? Do all your kids live in the same house together?”

“Dirty, dirty people. All that living together, all that 20,000 wives – I think that’s disgusting,” the mother continued.

The Muslim women tried to ignore the angry mother, but that only made her more mad!

“I will kick you in the stomach,” she screamed. “I will pull that down and kick you, so you never have a kid again. I will donkey kick you. It will be the first time I’ve ever resorted to violence in public.”

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