See the Damning New Photo of Malia That Obama Is Desperately Trying to Hide


October 16, 2015 11:59am PST

President Obama’s daughter Malia visited Brown University in Rhode Island last weekend to tour the college.

While she was there, a student took a photo of her that is causing quite a bit of controversy.

The 17-year-old was pictured partying in the dorms, playing beer pong. She was also seen drinking and taking shots.


Mad World News reported: 

While she was there hanging out with the Ivy League crowd, she also managed to have an incriminating picture taken of her at a party in the dorms by one of the students, and it could lead to trouble for the minor and her family. Malia was apparently heavily engaged in a game of beer pong with students, and she was seen not only drinking beer, but taking shots, according to one of the people in attendance.

Given that she’s 17, she could have been arrested for underage drinking.

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