This May Look Like A Normal Bank, But Wait Til You See What’s Inside

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Cathy Calhoun first job ever was as a bank teller, and she always looked back on her time there fondly. Years later, when she saw that the bank had closed down and was now on the market, Calhoun decided to do something VERY unusual.

According to American Overlook, Calhoun bought the property and converted it into a beautiful home for herself. When she first walked into the building, she found that safe deposit boxes were still full of people’s possessions, which included printed bills, ledgers, photographs and books. Calhoun ended up using these to decorate her new home.

“I tried to preserve as much of the bank as possible when converting it into a house, but I knew I had to make it livable,” she told reporters. “I want to show off that there is a vault… I knew right away it had to be a bar.”

Calhoun ended up converting the bank’s boardroom into her bedroom, and the lobby became her large dining room. When she went down the basement, she found a very old bank vault, so she turned it into a sauna!

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