CNN Disrespects Trump – Ivanka Responds With THIS

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CNN has been attacking GOP frontrunner Donald Trump ever since he announced his candidacy back in June, so when they recently sat down to interview his daughter Ivanka, they should have known they were in for an ear-full!

According to Q Political, Ivanka fiercely defended her father, calling him the most “formidable negotiator” she’s ever seen and adding that he has been a major contributor to the progression of women in the business world.

“Look, my father is very blunt. He’s very direct. He is not gender specific in his criticism of people, and people that he doesn’t particularly like or people that he does like but thinks they’re wrong on a particular issue,” Ivanka, 33, explained. “So I don’t think that he’s gender-targeted at all. Like I said, I wouldn’t be the person I am today, I wouldn’t be a high-level executive within his organization if he felt that way.”

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