BREAKING: Army Veteran Found Dead In St. Louis In Targeted Attack

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An army veteran was found dead in St. Louis yesterday in what appears to have been a craigslist killing.

According to Fox News, a demolition crew found the body of Army reservist Robert Lovings Polk, 22, in the Baden area of north St. Louis. Worker Daniel Parker said that the body was hidden behind a piece of drywall in a garage, and that his crew had smelled a foul odor in the days they’d been in the area. They had assume the smell was coming from a dead animal.

“It really did freak me out because we never knew when we removed that drywall that we would find a dead body there, ” worker Jerry Montaque told reporters. “It stunned me; I just had to get myself together and walk away for a minute.”

Parker went on to say that Polk was found face down and was wearing a hoodie, and that they found seven or eight shell casings in a nearby street.

“It looks like he had been dragged there because there was a blood trail,” Parker concluded.

Polk was last seen on October 3, when he told relatives he was going to look at a black Mustang being offered for sale on Craigslist. Polk was reportedly saving up for a car, and would often check Craigslist for vehicles.

Police say that they are investigating Polk’s financial accounts, and that there was a transaction made after his disappearance. We pray that they caught the sick person who did this!

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