Serial ‘Butt Grabber’ On The Loose – Assaulting Women On Camera All Over The Country

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A serial “butt grabber” is on the loose in Canada, and authorities are desperate to find him.

According to Liveleak, it all started on Tuesday, August 18, 2015, when a 19 year-old woman was walking down a path in an Upper Canada Mall Parking lot. She walked past a man who quickly ran up behind her and grabbed her butt before running away and jumping a fence.

The second incident occurred on September 8, 2015, when a 34 year-old woman was stopped on the Upper Canada Mall Parking lot path to send a text message. She was also approached by a man who grabbed her butt. A third incident happened on the path later that day to a 17 year-old girl, whose butt was grabbed by a man who had a hoodie over his face.

The next incident occurred on Friday, September 25, 2015, this time to an 18 year-old girl who was walking on nearby Aspenwood Drive. She was pushed to the ground by a man who tried to rip off her clothes, but the attack was stopped by a passerby and the man ran away. The victim was not seriously injured.

The fifth and latest incident happened on Tuesday, October 13, 2015, when a 29 year-old girl was approached from behind and had her butt grabbed as she walked on the southwest corner of Yonge Street and Green Lane.

Here’s the description of the suspect that police have released:

• Male, white, 20 to 25 years
• Approximately 5’5”, 125 to 130 lbs., thin build
• Wearing a hoodie with the hood up and pants

Police warn that the suspect is targeting small-statured, thin women who are often distracted by either their phones or music they are listening to. We hope they find this pervert before he hurts any more women!

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