Doctors Caught On Camera Performing ‘Virginity Tests’ On Stunned Teenage Girls

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Disturbing undercover footage shows doctors performing “virginity tests” on girls against their will, often upon the request of their religious families, who want to prove that the girls have never had sex.

According to Daily Mail, human rights experts have called the videos “shocking,” and one of the girls in the footage has described her experience as “torture.”

Producers used two reporters posing as an aunt and her 17 year-old niece to expose the doctors. The video shows the aunt asking the doctor to “test” her niece, despite the girl protesting that she does not want any such test done. The doctor then says that she has done “hundreds” of virginity tests, many of them on children.

One girl, who is only identified as “Sara,” says she was 13 when her very-religious family forced her to get engaged to her cousin. She then had the virginity test done on her when she was 15 years-old.

“I still feel ashamed because no-one can see the truth,” she lamented. “I don’t know what other people think, but there’s nothing that proves anything that someone should examine me to see if I’m a virgin. It feels really disgusting.”

These videos have caused a scandal of outrage to explode in Sweden, where most citizens had no idea these tests were being done.

“In a country that internationally has played a leading role in protecting women’s human rights, it was almost unthinkable to me that this would be happening in a country like Sweden,” said Liesl Gerntholtz from Human Rights Watch.

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