Muslim ‘Refugee’ Brutally Beats Girl For ‘Being White’ – Police Stay Silent


October 14, 2015 7:46am PST

Europe is currently in crisis as millions of Muslims have fled there from the Middle East. Now, Christians in the western continent are quickly becoming the minority in their own countries, and Muslims are taking over.

While many think Muslim attacks on European Christians began only in the last few weeks, reports reveal that the Muslims of Europe have been planning this for quite some time…

Nanna Skovmand, 23, was walking home with her boyfriend last Christmas Eve in Copenhagen, Denmark when they were suddenly attacked by four Muslim thugs. According to Speisa, the thugs brutally beat the couple in front of their home as they punched, kicked, and hit them with metal chains.


Nanna was beaten so badly that her face was nearly unrecognizable after the attack. It was later revealed that the Somalian Muslims targeted the couple simply because they were white.

The four Muslim migrants were later caught, and they were all revealed to be between 16 and 18 years of age. One of them had two conditional deportation convictions, meaning that authorities should have thrown him out of their country long ago.

According to Jihad Watch, the teenage Muslims were only sentenced to two months in jail each for this devastating crime, meaning Nanna and her boyfriend never got the justice they deserved.


These kind of Muslim-on-white hate crimes are now happening all over the world. If we don’t do something to protect ourselves soon, we could all be in big trouble.

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