GRAPHIC VIDEO: Enraged Muslim Terrorist Runs Down Whites in Road Rage

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A disturbing terrorist attack was caught on camera in Israel on Monday, but it didn’t end very well for the Muslim jihadist.

The attack took place at a bus stop in the neighborhood of Geula on Malkei Israel Street, and video footage shows a small group of people waiting for the bus. According to The Political Insider, a car comes out of nowhere and plows into the bus stop.

After crashing his vehicle, the Palestinian Muslim terrorist jumped out and began assaulting people with a meat cleaver. Rabbi Yeshayahu Krishevsky, 60, was killed after being hit by the car, and two others were seriously injured.

Things did not end well for the terrorist, however. He was shot dead by police as they arrived on the scene. He has since been identified as a resident of east Jerusalem and an employee of Bezeq phone company, which is the main telephone provider of Israel.

“There were no early signs and there was no observed change in the employees behavior that could have indicated his involvement in criminal and terrorist activities,” the Bezeq phone company said in a statement.

Thank God there was an armed police officer to stop this terrorist before he could do any more damage. If this happened in America, Obama would likely have the cop in jail for committing a hate crime…

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