BREAKING: Obama Announces Terrifying New Plan to Alter Every Bullet That’s Manufactured

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Since he first took office, Obama has been on a mission to destroy the Second Amendment. Now, his followers have announced a plan to take down guns that has patriots everywhere panicking.

According to Conservative Tribune, the liberals on the Los Angeles City Council have proposed a per-bullet tax in their city, which is meant to counteract what they call the “daily” mass shootings in America.

“There are mass shootings daily in this country, many of which could be stopped by sound policies and better gun violence prevention programs,” said Councilman Paul Krekorian.

Krekorian and his fellow Councilman Paul Koretz have now “asked city analysts to study whether a Los Angeles tax on gun and ammunition purchases would be feasible, along with a tally of businesses and patrons that would be affected by the tax.”

Krekorian aide Ian Thompson has revealed that that’s not the only trick the councilman has up his sleeve. Under his plan, the money “would go directly into the general fund, but could later be allocated to gun violence prevention programs.”

This plan, of course, won’t do anything to stop mass shootings. Gang bangers and mass killers are not going to be deterred from their goals by the cost of bullets. Instead, all this will do is punish honest gun owners who are hoping to use the ammunition of protection, or practice at the shooting range.

It should be noted that Chicago adopted a tax like this on their bullets, and we all know what happened to crime in that city…

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