BOMBSHELL: The Disturbing Connection Between Obama and Islam That He’s Trying to Hide

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We already knew that President Obama was trying to turn America into a Muslim nation, but we had no idea that common core was one of his strategies towards accomplishing this…

According to Allen B. West, one of the main goals of common core is the islamization of the U.S. The first piece of evidence behind this theory is Obama’s 2009 speech in Cairo during his infamous “apology tour” in which he reminded the world of the contributions Muslims have made to the U.S. historically.

Obama told the mostly Muslim audience that “while America in the past has focused on oil and gas in this part of the world, we now seek a broader engagement…on education, we will expand exchange programs, and increase scholarships, like the one that brought my father to America, while encouraging more Americans to study in Muslim communities. And we will match promising Muslim students with internships in America; invest in on-line learning for teachers and children around the world; and create a new online network, so a teenager in Kansas can communicate instantly with a teenager in Cairo.”

Not long after this speech, Obama created the Connect All Schools program with the goal of “connecting every school in the U.S. with the world by 2016.” The program even quotes his 2009 Cairo speech on their website.

One of the main contributors to the Connect All Schools program is Qatar Foundation International, which was founded by Sheikh Hamad Al Thani and one of his three wives. Qatar is very interested in the minds of young Americans, having recently spent $5 million on Arabic lessons for American students. Since Qatar became involved in the education of American students, children here have been forced to participate in activities like this:

-Debating whether or not the Holocaust was “merely a political scheme created to influence public emotion and gain,” an eighth-grade assignment defended by the Rialto Unified School District. (Los Angeles)

-Pledging allegiancein Arabic (New York)

-Being taught world history from an Islamic perspective (Florida)

-Recitingin class the Shahada, “There is No God but Allah,” and the Muslim call to prayer (Massachusetts)

-Being taught Islamic vocabulary as part of Common Core standards (North Carolina)

Fast forward to 2015, and Arabic is now the fastest growing language in the U.S. Clearly, common core and Islam are intertwined, and this is all part of Obama’s plan to have America become an Allah-loving country during his presidency.

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