Obama SLAMS American Christians – This Is Disgusting…

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In a mid-September interview that was published on Monday, President Barack Obama brutally slammed Christians in the U.S., proving once and for all that he is not a Christian at all.

According to Daily Mail, Obama criticized U.S. Christians for having an “us verses them” mentality and for being overly suspicious about the motives of non-Christians.

Last month, Obama sat down to interview Iowa writer Marilynne Robinson, and the transcript of the interview is disturbing. Here’s an excerpt of what Obama had to say to her:

The President: You’ve struggled with the fact that here in the United States, sometimes Christian interpretation seems to posit an “us versus them,” and those are sometimes the loudest voices. But sometimes I think you also get frustrated with kind of the wishy-washy, more liberal versions where anything goes.

Robinson: Yes.

The President: How do you reconcile the idea of faith being really important to you and you caring a lot about taking faith seriously with the fact that, at least in our democracy and our civic discourse, it seems as if folks who take religion the most seriously sometimes are also those who are suspicious of those not like them?

Robinson: Well, I don’t know how seriously they do take their Christianity, because if you take something seriously, you’re ready to encounter difficulty, run the risk, whatever. I mean, when people are turning in on themselves—and God knows, arming themselves and so on—against the imagined other, they’re not taking their Christianity seriously. I don’t know—I mean, this has happened over and over again in the history of Christianity, there’s no question about that, or other religions, as we know.

But Christianity is profoundly counterintuitive—“Love thy neighbor as thyself”—which I think properly understood means your neighbor is as worthy of love as you are, not that you’re actually going to be capable of this sort of superhuman feat. But you’re supposed to run against the grain. It’s supposed to be difficult. It’s supposed to be a challenge.

The President: Well, that’s one of the things I love about your characters in your novels, it’s not as if it’s easy for them to be good Christians, right?

Robinson: Right.

The President: It’s hard. And it’s supposed to be hard.

It’s downright insulting that Obama expects us to believe he’s a Christian after he says stuff like this…Shame on you, Mr. President!

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