Patriots Show Up At Mosque To Give Brutal Message To Muslims

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Obama is on a mission to turn our country into a Muslim nation, and Americans everywhere are letting their feelings about this be known.

Over the weekend, “Global Rally for Humanity” held protests at mosques all over the country to bring attention to radical Islam. According to Conservative Tribune, the biggest of these protests was in Phoenix, Arizona, where over 200 people showed up to protest at a mosque.

“I do not hate Muslim people, it is the ideology behind Islam,” said John Ritzheimer, the local rally organizer, told reporters. “Every day, they attack humanity. It is proven daily that they do not co-exist with everyone else.”

Liberal idiots quickly used the protests to make Americans look like hateful Islamophobes.

“The community is confounded with respect as to why this guy insists to show his bigotry–him and his group,” said Usama Shami, president of the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix.

However, while liberals tried to make all the protesters look like closed-minded Christians, the rally actually attracted a very diverse group of protesters. Laine Lawless told reporters that she came to protest because she believes not enough gay feminists are protesting against Islam.

“We want to protest the culture takeover of Islam in the United States,” she said. “We want to protest the way they live and the culture of terrorism and jihad and how they seem to think it’s OK to go around murdering people, raping women, molesting children, having sex with poor innocent animals and torturing people.”

“They stone women to death because of adultery and things like that. It’s just not right. It’s not compatible with American values and culture,” Lawless added.

We applaud these protesters for taking on radical Islam. Liberals often ignore the fact that Islam is by far the most closed-minded religion in the U.S. If liberals want to see a real war on women, they should see what happens when Muslims take over this country…

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