Children Tell Mother They Love Her As She Kills Them

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A Florida mother is facing the death penalty after she brutally murdered her three children.

Jessica McCarty, 33, reportedly drowned her 7 year-old daughter Lacey in a bathtub, and strangled her sons Phillip McCarty, 6, and Christopher Swist, five months, with a cord. When she was apprehended by police officers, McCarty told them that she doesn’t deserve to live.

“I’m so pissed you guys didn’t shoot me with a real gun,” McCarty said, according to Daily Mail. “I don’t deserve to live.”


McCarty’s children reportedly told her how much they loved her as she killed them.

“She kept telling me, ‘I love you mommy,'” McCarty remembered her daughter saying as she drowned her. The mother called 911 immediately after she murdered her children. Her boyfriend, Christopher Swist, 30, also called 911 after McCarty sent him photos of the bloody home. Swist rushed home and called the police as he held the his youngest child in his arms.

The 5 month-old baby was on life support for two days before he also died.

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McCarty had reportedly having relationship problems with Swist in the days leading up to the murders. The father of her first two children was Philip McCarty, her ex-husband.

When police arrived at the home, McCarty had already slit her wrists and neck. As police tried to subdue her, she begged them to, “please let me bleed.”

“Just give me the death penalty, right here, right now,” she told officers. “I wanted to stab myself very badly. I’ve wanted to kill myself for a long time.”

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In a goodbye not to her family, McCarty wrote that she had, “no other choice,” and that she was, “told how I suck at everything I do. Well you were right, I am worthless.”

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