BREAKING: New Mass Shooting Grips Nation – Three Women Gunned Down Outside Nightclub

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Yet another mass shooting has gripped the nation, this time at a nightclub in New York City.

According to New York Daily News, three women were shot outside Club Motive in Manhattan just after 4am on Monday morning. One of the women, a 24 year-old Bronx native, later died of her injuries.


Witnesses say the shooter was aiming for a bouncer of the club, and the women got caught in the crossfire.

“It started out with some altercation in the club,” 25-year-old Ashley Valle recounted. “When I looked the bouncers were trying to get him out the club, scuffling with him. We were about to step out when shots rang out and everybody scattered.”

“We were about to step back out and at this point we see the two women laying on the ground on the sidewalk, they were shot,” Valle continued. “EMS was trying to resuscitate one of the females but nothing was working. They were trying to revive her but she was not responding at all.”


Valle added that the other woman, “was laying on her side and there was blood on the lower part of her dress, you could tell she was shot.”

Police said that the deceased victim was shot in the back and died in the hospital at 5:21 am. The other two victims were a 30-year-old who was grazed in the left shoulder and a 25-year-old who was struck in the hip and left foot, and authorities say they are both in stable condition.

The shooter is believed to be a 26 year-old man who fled the scene in a dark-colored BMW. He has been described as a black man in a red hoodie, and police are now trying to locate him. He had reportedly gotten into an argument with someone inside the club, and went out to his car in a rage to retrieve his weapon.


“The guy who started the fight, he was outside,” a man who works next door to the club told reporters. “The other guy was inside because the other guy didn’t want to fight. But the one that was outside, he tried to get inside the club again, but the security did not let him go inside.”

We pray that the police find this thug so that he can be brought to justice!

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