BREAKING: Pope Francis To Resign In 2016

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Last week, Pope Francis visited the U.S., and during his time here, he made it very clear that he’s willing to do whatever it takes to push Obama’s ridiculous agendas.

The pope and Obama teamed up for what was clearly a publicity stunt designed to make Americans want to let more illegals in. Days later, Pope Francis took things even further when he lectured Americans on issues like immigration, abortion, gay marriage, and the refugee crisis.

Now, two Vatican insiders dropped a bombshell on Monday when they revealed that Pope Francis is planning to resign in 2016. According to Infowars, the sources say that the pope plans to resign after he visits his home country of Argentina and it’s neighboring nations of Chile and Uruguay.

Pope Francis is planning to visit his home country next year to celebrate the bicentennial of the 1816 Argentine Declaration of Independence. However, it is reportedly important to the Pope to resign in his home nation instead of his adopted continent of Europe.

The pope is set to resign after stirring up tons of controversy during his time in the papacy. Pope Francis has outraged Catholics by supporting issues like gay marriage and illegal immigration, as well as the breakdown of family values. Conservative bishops reportedly questioned the pope after his visit to the U.S., telling him that they viewed it as a failure. They also accused him of alienating traditional Catholics by promoting Obama’s ridiculous agendas.

It should come as no surprise that Pope Francis has decided to resign from his post, considering the fact that he has moved the church as far from the teachings of Jesus Christ as he can.

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