Liberals OUTRAGED After New GOP Bill Demands They Work 40 Hours A Week

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House Democrats are in panic mode this week after Republican Rep. David Jolly of Florida introduced a bill that would require congressman to work a forty hour work week, making their professional schedule resemble that of an average American.

Lazy liberals, however, are outraged about this and are doing everything they can to destroy the bill so that they can continue to walk in late and take two hour lunches.

“The current congressional calendar is clearly not producing results,” Jolly, who is running for Senate, said in a press release, “and the American people rightfully expect their elected officials to work around the clock to tackle the nation’s problems.”


“This ‘try-nothing’ Congress needs a reality check,” he continued, according to American Overlook. “A work week in Washington should be no different than a work week in every other town across the nation.”

In the last twenty years, the House has worked an average of 137 days a year while the typical American puts an average of 241 days in on the job every year. The work week for a typical House politician begins at 6:30 pm on Monday with a vote, and ends on Thursday when they return to their districts.

“Americans are sick and tired of Washington inaction. They expect their leaders to govern. Look at all the bills gathering dust while Congress braces for the next self-made calamity,” Jolly added in his press release, “Let’s give voice to the people on issues like border security, transportation, a budget that finally balances. The frustration is not that we haven’t achieved these things, it’s that we haven’t even engaged in a legislative fight to begin to advance the agenda that is right for the American people.”

It’s sickening that liberal politicians expect to still be paid a full salary for doing very little work. We applaud the GOP for trying to hold our politicians accountable, and for making them work a normal work week just like us!

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