Liberals Call For Duck Dynasty Boycott After Star Says This About Guns

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Liberals are calling for a boycott of Duck Dynasty after Jase Robertson spoke out to defend gun rights in the wake of the Oregon shooting.

Jase, 46, reportedly told People that though he is sympathetic to the victims of this tragedy, his views on the Second Amendment have not changed.

“My first reaction is, I’m real compassionate, even with people that have different views than I have,” Robertson told PEOPLE Now. “When you see something like this, you realize, ‘Okay, everyone is upset. No one wants this to happen.’ We want this to stop. It’s terrible. It’s excruciating to watch.”

Jase then acknowledged that though he wants these massacres to stop, “gun free zones” are not the answer. He went on to say that “everyone” in Louisiana owns a gun.

“I’m really not worried about somebody breaking in my house because people just know we’re armed and we’re dangerous,” he continued. “It’s a tough situation because it’s hard to defend against, you know, one crazy guy or evil intention. But it breaks our heart every time this happens.”

This sounds extremely reasonable to us, but liberals aren’t satisfied with anyone unless they call for the Second Amendment to be destroyed. Now, liberals are trying to get Duck Dynasty cancelled for promoting conservative values.

We don’t care what stupid Democrats say, however, because we will NEVER stop watching Duck Dynasty!

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