Hispanic Woman Rushes For Trump’s Podium – Nobody Expected Her To Do THIS Next

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Liberals have done everything they can to make it look like GOP frontrunner Donald Trump is “racist” against hispanics.

Unfortunately for them, their efforts have failed miserably.

During a campaign stop in Las Vegas on Thursday, Trump pulled a hispanic woman onstage. What she did next left the liberal media in a stunned silence!

According to IJ Review, the woman professed her love for Trump, screaming, “Mr. Trump, we love you! We love you!”

“I am Hispanic and I vote for Mr. Trump!” she added. “We vote for Mr. Trump!”

Trump seemed surprised by the woman, going so far as to ask if this was staged.

“Is this a set up?” he asked incredulously. “Have I ever met you before?”

The hispanic woman, however, was very real and was just excited to meet her idol, Donald Trump! This clip shows that hispanics really do love The Donald, regardless of what the liberal media says.

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