Pet Shop Owner Brutally Attacked By 20-Foot Python

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A Kentucky pet shop owner barely survived after being attacked by a deadly 20-foot python.

Terry Wilkins was cleaning the python’s cage in his store in Newport, Kentucky when the reptile suddenly bit him and wrapped himself around the store owner’s head. According to Daily Mail, the 125-pound snake had covered Wilkins face completely and was slowly crushing his neck when two police officers intervened and saved the man’s life.


Lieutenant Gregory Rapberger and Sergeant Baron Arnberg happened to be near the Captive Born Reptiles store when a frantic 911 call came in saying that Wilkins was lying in a pool of his own blood as the snake slowly killed him.

“He was cleaning the snake, there’s a snake wrapped around his neck – please [send officers],” the woman calling police cried. “He’s the owner of the store, please the snake’s curled around his neck, oh my god please.”

“It’s wrapped around his neck, his whole face is covered, it’s like a 20ft snake!” she added.


The officers rushed to Wilkins and managed to pry the snake off him just in time. The store owner was rushed to the hospital, and he is expected to make a full recovery.

Officer Rapberger later recounted the daring rescue to reporters.

“I grabbed its head. We started pulling on the snake, kind of straightening it out,” he said. “At that point in time, Sgt. (Daron) Arnberg, as I’m pulling, he started loosening the coils around the guy, and finally the snake came out.”


The python was reportedly a breeder snake that is not normally handled by humans.

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