College Renovates Christian Chapel To Accommodate MUSLIMS!

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Wichita State University has just submitted to Muslims in a truly sickening way.

According to Fox News, the university has renovated their Christian chapel to make it “faith neutral” to accommodate Muslim students. As part of the renovation, the pews at the Harvey D. Grace Memorial Chapel were ripped up and replaced with portable chairs to make room for Muslim prayer rugs.

“Under the terms of Mrs. Harvey D. Grace’s gift to the university in her will, ‘This chapel will be open to all creeds and to all races of people,’” WSU President John Bardo said in a statement. “Our goal should be exactly what Mrs. Grace set out to do in her gift, to have an all faiths chapel that is welcoming to all religious groups on campus.”

Unfortunately, this renovation quickly turned into a Christian “cleansing,” as anything remotely related to Christ was removed from the church.

“That space was always viewed as an interfaith for lots of folks,” WSU administrator Eric Sexton told me. “In the spirit of today – there was belief at the time this was discussed that the space was not as flexible for all to feel welcome and included.”

Alums and students alike have voiced their outrage at this awful renovation.

“Why did they have to take out all the pews,” alum Jean Ann Cusick wrote on Facebook.

Student body president Joseph Shepard added that the school is being slammed for taking a “place of Christian worship and turn[ing] it into what they call a mosque.”

Muslims, of course, are still not satisfied with the renovations, and they have started a petition to have the University install Islamic-friendly plumbing.

What do you think about this sickening move? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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