Here’s The REAL Reason Obama Is Going To Oregon – It Has Nothing To Do With The Shooting…

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Last week, we reported that another school shooting took place at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, and it claimed the lives of at least ten people. Within hours of the shooting, President Obama already shamelessly used this tragedy to push his own ridiculous anti-gun agenda.

Obama is making a big deal out of the fact that he will be visiting Oregon on Friday to meet with the victims’ families, but new reports have revealed that this visit is actually just a case of convenient timing for the president. According to Conservative Tribune, Obama is actually going to Oregon to attend a series of Democratic fundraisers in the Pacific Northwest.

Obama’s itinerary for the trip includes a luncheon in support of Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., in Seattle, as well as a Democratic National Committee fundraising event in San Francisco. Of course, he will also be flying to Los Angeles to attend a series of events with the Hollywood elite.

The White House stayed quiet about these plans, however, when they announced Obama’s trip to Oregon.

“So it does not require a significant change in his travel plans for him to travel to Oregon and spend some time with the families of those who were either injured or killed in the tragic shooting that occurred there last week,” White House press secretary Josh Earnest said. “I would not anticipate much of a public appearance from the president. His — the stated purpose of his trip is to — is to spend some time with the families there that have been affected by this outrageous act of violence.”

Shame on Obama for continuing to exploit Roseburg, Oregon for his own political gain!

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