Welfare Queens Assault Man And Drag Him Out Of His Car, But What They Do Next Is Even Worse…

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Disturbing video footage shows two welfare queens in New Orleans confront a man near his vehicle and beat him up before stealing his wallet.

Police have released the video showing two women, one of whom police believe is transgender, get out of a car and approach a 51 year-old man in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

According to Daily Mail, it looks like the women are having an argument with the man, and finally one of them hits him and knocks him to the ground. Watch as he tries to fight the women off, but they mercilessly drag him to the ground and steal his belongings as they beat him.

Eventually, the women jump in the black SUV and flee the scene, leaving their victim bruised and battered lying in the street.

Police have released the surveillance footage in the hopes of tracking down the two women. We pray that they are found so that they can be brought to justice!

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