Obama Humiliated After Getting This Awful News

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Barack Obama was just given his quarterly report of statistics, and his numbers are officially worse than ever.

According to Fact Check, both home ownership and the median income for American households have gone down this year thanks to the Obama regime. Home ownership went down a whopping 4.1 points, and the median household income declined by 3%.

Perhaps most disturbing of all was the public debt statistic. Under Obama’s leadership, the debt held by the public went up by 107% this year. Thanks, Barry!

These statistics undoubtedly come as awful news to Obama, who has been trying to clean up his legacy in the last few months. With his foreign policy legacy already tarnished forever, Obama was hoping that he could at least be remembered as a president who helped our country on domestic issues.

Unfortunately for him, it looks like that ship has sailed as well…Get OUT of the White House, Barry!

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