Son And Stepsister Lover Kill Parents Then EAT THEM – ‘It Tasted Like Pork’

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Leandro Acosta, 25, and his step-sister Karen Klein, 22, had been lovers for six years when they recently decided to kill their parents. After committing the heinous crime, the couple burned their bodies and ate a piece of each parents’ thigh as revenge for the “years of sexual abuse” inflicted on them and their 11 year-old twin siblings.

According to Daily Mail, Acosta has confessed to murdering Ricardo Klein, 54, and mother Miryam Kowalczuk, 52, and to planning the crime for some time. He alleged that Klein began raping him when he was 6, and that his mother was “involved in threesomes with him” when he was a child.

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The crime occurred in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and it began with Acosta shooting Klein in the head as he slept in his underwear. This got the boy sexually excited, so he violated the body. His mother then walked in the room and screamed “What have you done, you son of a b***h!” causing her son to turn the gun on her and shoot her over and over again.

Acosta then cooked his father’s flesh over a pyre before eating it.

“It [step-father’s flesh] tasted like pork, a tad salty but delicious,” he said, adding that he had no remorse for killing his mother. “She was a whore and a drunkard, I did justice my way.”

Acosta’s lawyer added that eating his stepfather was “almost a pleasure” for the boy after being raped all his life. The murders were discovered by a relative, and police were able to find Kowalczuk’s pelvic bone and spine in a bucket. They also found human flesh “ready for consumption” and 16 huge refuse bags, many of which contained human remains.

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Acosta’s stepsister claims she only helped him “clean up” the crime, but his lawyers believe she did a lot more than that. Acosta is wheelchair-bound and has a colostomy bag because of an intestinal disorder, so his lawyers say he clearly did not have the strength to lug bodies around and cook them.

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