Liberals Demand Ham Sandwiches Be BANNED Because They ‘Offend Muslims’

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CoExist House, a US and UK-based interfaith group, have demanded that offices ban all pork-based products from their kitchens so that Muslims will not be offended.

“It would be good etiquette to avoid heating up foods that might be prohibited for people of other faiths,” said Andy Dinham, a University of London professor who wrote the demands for CoExist House. “We also say, ‘Don’t put kosher or halal and other… special foods next to another [food] or, God forbid, on the same plate.”

According to Infowars, the demands were made in a list of guidelines that were published by the group. This occurred as both the U.S. and the U.K. opened their borders to millions of Muslim “refugees” from the middle east.

Countries like Sweden and Germany have basically destroyed their own cultures in welcoming the refugees and are on their way to becoming Muslim nations. The CoExist House and their followers are hoping the U.S. and U.K. will follow suit…

If Obama gets his way, the U.S. will become a Muslim nation before he leaves office. We can NOT let this happen: NEVER stop eating ham sandwiches!

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