Muslim Father Catches 4 Year-Old Daughter Not Covering Her Head – What He Does Next Is Sickening

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Liberals love to claim that Islam is the “religion of peace.” Stories like this, however, prove that the religion is anything but that…

According to Mad World News, a Muslim father in Bareilly, India recently caught his 4 year-old daughter without her head covered when they sat down to a meal.


Jafar Hussain demanded his wife cover the girl’s head, but the covering kept falling off, making the Muslim more and more angry. Finally, in a moment of rage, Hussain grabbed his young daughter and slammed her to the ground. He then smashed her head on the floor over and over until she eventually died of her injuries.


Hussain then demanded his wife bury the girl inside their home so that nobody would find her, but his wife called police instead.

“Police have arrested the father for killing his daughter and we are questioning him about the incident,” said Superintendent of Police BK Srivastav.

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