Muslims BAN Christmas In US Schools Because It’s ‘Offensive’

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Thanks to President Barack HUSEIN Obama, Muslims are currently taking over this country. They managed to get one step closer to turning America into an Islamic nation recently when they got the word “Christmas” banned from Maryland’s public schools.

According to The Political Insider, Muslim families in Montgomery County, Maryland were outraged when they noticed that the Islamic holiday Ramadan was not on the school calendar. They demanded that it be treated just like holidays like Christmas and Rush Hashanah, but instead of doing this, the school board decided to make their calendar “religion neutral.”

This means that there are now no holidays on the school district calendar. Christmas vacation is now called “winter break,” and there is no such thing as “Easter break.” Thanks to offended Muslims, there are no holidays anywhere on the calendar.

If Obama gets his way, school calendars all over the country will one day look just like this. We can NOT let that happen!

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