No-Nonsense Mayor Confronts Muslim ‘Refugees’ – You’ll Love What He Does Next

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Europe is currently in crisis as millions of Muslims have fled there from the Middle East. Now, Christians in the western continent are quickly becoming the minority in their own countries, and Muslims are taking over.

French Mayor Robert Menard was sick and tired of watching his country get overrun by Muslims, so he decided to do something about it. In this video, he confronts Muslim ‘refugees’ for trespassing, destruction of property, theft, and utter disrespect of the country they’ve effectively invaded.

“You are not welcome in this town. You came in this apartment breaking the door,” said the 62-year-old mayor, according to Mad World News.

Using a translator, Menard annihilated the Muslims and kicked them out of his town.

“You are stealing the water. People are paying for the water, but you are stealing electricity and water,” he told them. “I’m saying it again: you are not welcome in this town.”

The mayor went on to tell the squatters that he would have let them stay in his city, if they’d just come there legally. In the end, the terrified Muslims have no choice but to flee the town with their tails between their legs!

Now THIS is the kind of leader we need in the US!

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