Asian Girl Demands White People PAY HER For Years Of ‘Institutional Racism’

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An asian woman has demanded that white people pay for her therapy because she says that living with them makes her sick.

Rinna Rem of Portland, Oregon says that being Thai-Cambodian in a predominantly white society has caused her so much stress that she spends $100 a month on therapy. According to Daily Mail, Rem says that since she has suffered “institutional racism” for her entire life, she has started a crowdfunding page that tells white people, “now it’s your turn to pay.”


Though 29 year-old Rem started her page just three weeks ago, she has already received over $1,500 in donations. The fundraising page is called, “White Friends, Pay For My Therapy,” and here’s what Rem wrote on it:

“Dear white friends, I grew up in and live in the [Portland] area.

The stress of living as a Thai-Cambodian woman in such a white city replete with constant interpersonal and institutional racism has a big toll on my health and wellbeing. 

I see an amazing therapist to cope with this s**t, but I spend $100/month on therapy for bi-weekly appointments. Now it’s your turn to pay!

I want to live a healthy, happy life. I want to have a healthy, happy family in the future too. Help me pay for therapy to deal with the stress of racism. Please don’t let racism shorten my life or kill me.”

This may seem like a joke, but this girl is dead serious. Rem pointed out that living with stress from everyday racism can lead to contracting diseases and mental health problems. She claims that she has Marfan Syndrome, which is a hereditary condition which causes people to grow taller than usual, with abnormally long and slender limbs, fingers and toes. Rem also says she has overcome liver disease and is still battling depression.

It’s sickening that this woman thinks white people should pay for her to get therapy. Just because she’s whining, it doesn’t mean she’s entitled to OUR money!

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