BREAKING: US Police Officer Shot Dead In Shopping Mall

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A few months ago, Obama turned on American police officers when he blamed them for the violent race riots spreading throughout the country, instead of the race-baiting protesters themselves.

Since then, the number of attacks on U.S. cops has dramatically increased as thugs now feel that it is ok to attack police officers because “the president said they could.”

This morning, yet another American police officer was killed, this time in South Carolina. According to The Blaze, Officer Greg Alia, 32, was killed this morning between 8 and 9 am while responding to a call of a suspicious person at Richland Mall in Forest Acres.


The suspect has been identified as Jarvis Hall, and he is now in police custody. He was reportedly carrying both a gun and a knife in the mall this morning.

“They were very frantic, and they were trying to hurry, you know, getting here. And nothing was stopping them either, you know. They were coming wide open. It was really scary to see something like that. It was really scary,” said Jeannette Roach, who witnessed the police arriving at the mall.

Alia had been on the force for seven years, and his wife recently gave birth to their first child, a baby boy.


The blood of this officer, like thousands of other murdered cops, is on Obama’s hands. The president MUST call for an end to violence against police, or else thousands of other officers will die at the hands of thugs.

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