She Took A Sticky Pad And Touched Herself With It Hard – What Happens Next…OMG!

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All girls know that wearing a bra is not nearly as easy as it looks. In this video, you’ll learn eleven simple hacks that will make your life with a bra SO much easier!

Here are the tips, courtesy of American Overlook:

  1. Make it a racerback

Simply use a paper clip to clip together both straps on that slightly loose bra for a much tighter fit. Plus, no need to go to the store!

2. Underwire sticking out

Grab a pantyliner and a pair of scissors and cut a small piece. Then just wrap it around the bottom of your bra and you should be all set.

3. Strapless in seconds

A convertable strap can easily turn into a strapless bra. Keep one strap connected, while bringing the other one around the front. Now connect that with the other side and you are done!

4. Relieve shoulder pain

Use some silicon gel packs underneath your shoulder strap to releive any pain or pressure from a rough day.

5. Washing sports bras

When you are done working out, take your sports bra into the shower and hand-wash it to preserve that high-quality fabric.

6. Easy bra drying

A salad spinner will do wonders to protects your dedicates and can even dry bras way faster than the traditional method.

7. Test your fit

Your bra is too big if your whole hand fits inside the strap – ideally you want just two fingers to be able to fit in.

8. Cleavage alert

Too much cleavage? Use a camisole insert to cover up without having the added bulk of an entire extra shirt.

9. Save some space

Save some drawer space by hanging your bras from a hanger – this will preserve their shape and keep them nice and fresh.

10. Hanging bra display

Use some wooden hangers and screws to make a bra display rack like you will see at the end of the video below. This will allow you to easily find all your favorites in just seconds!

Share these with your wives and girlfriends, they will LOVE them!

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