Daycare Worker Caught Doing Unspeakable Things To Baby On Camera

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A daycare employee in New Mexico has been fired after a disturbing video was released that showed her violently rocking a baby.

The worker at Eastern Child Development Center in Albuquerque was caught on camera putting a blanket over the 6 month-old girl’s face before shaking her up and down aggressively. Thankfully, the baby girl was not harmed in the incident, which is miraculous considering she was jolted around ten times.

“I was shaking. I was so angry and hurt because I had never had any concerns about my daughter’s teacher,” said the girl’s mom Ashley Tapia, who also works at the day care center. “She was always well-trusted and well-liked.”

According to New York Daily News, it is not yet clear if the worker in the video has been charged for the September 18 incident. As of now, the Children, Youth and Families Department in New Mexico has shut down the daycare facility to investigate multiple “maltreatment” cases.

“Our priority is the safety of the babies and children who attend Eastern Child Development Center,” the agency’s spokesman Henry Varela said in a statement. “Based on the disturbing videos we have seen, we are not comfortable with children being at the facility until we have completed a more in-depth investigation into possible systemic issues.”

About 300 children attend the daycare, and the employee in the video had worked there for over five years.

“I asked her why. She said that she just had one bad day,” said Hannah Tapia, the daycare’s director. “We told her that wasn’t acceptable behavior. She could have really hurt that baby.”

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