Putin Humiliates Obama In Front Of Entire Nation

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Yesterday, Barack Obama met with Russian President Vlademir Putin, a leader who sees Obama as the pathetic fool that he is.

Unsurprisingly, Putin ended up publicly humiliating Obama and making him look stupid in front of the entire United Nations.

After giving dueling speeches on Syria at the United Nations General Assembly on Monday, the two presidents met privately to discuss Russia’s support Bashar Assad. According to The Political Insider, the conversation quickly turned, however, to the chaos Obama has caused in the region by supporting terrorist groups that are trying to overthrow leasers like Assad.

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In the end, Obama’s meeting with Putin only made himself look even weaker.

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Putin supporting Assad may not seem like a good idea, but it is actually the best thing to do in the current situation. It is certainly a much smarter idea than giving money and weapons to unknown rebel groups that then use our resources to join and help ISIS.

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