‘Unarmed’ Hoodlum Tasered By Police, But Video Shows What REALLY Happened

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Yet another American police officer is in hot water this week after video emerged of him using a stun gun on a suspect who does not seem to be resisting arrest.

The footage was shot in Fairfax County, Virginia, and the suspect appeared to be cooperating with the officer when he was suddenly tasered.


“He did not try to run or nothing,” a witness recounted, according to Daily Mail. “That was wrong.”

Though liberals have already used the video to promote their police brutality agenda, authorities are still investigating whether or not the officer did something wrong. Though the video doesn’t look great for the officer, it is only thirty seconds long, and it includes no audio between the cop and the suspect.


The suspect refused treatment after being stung by the taser, and he was charged with larceny. The Fairfax County Police Department released a statement on Sunday on Facebook saying that they are currently investigating this incident.


“Realizing that the video is going to get a lot of attention… folks are working over the weekend to find out what happened and inform the community,” Fairfax police spokesman Capt. Ed O’Carroll told the Washington Post.

Watch the video yourself and see what you think. Did the cop do the right thing, or is he giving other police officers like Darren Wilson a bad name? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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