Walmart Just Caved in to Political Correctness Doing THIS

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Halloween is coming in the next few weeks, meaning that everyone is looking for the perfect costume for that spooky night.

Of course, liberals are doing everything in their power to ensure that nobody has any fun on Halloween.

According to Mad World News, Walmart recently released their “little amigo” costume, which featured a sombrero, Serape shirt, and a self-stick-on mustache. Liberals immediately lost it, calling the costume “offensive.”


Walmart offered the costume for sale online only, and the page read:

“Let the Fiesta begin for your little one in our Little Amigo Costume! This festive little costume features a stripe serape shirt, straw hat with cute details and mustache! Just the costume you need for Halloween, school plays, character reenactments, parties, parades, family occasions and other holiday productions and festivities! Dress like your favorite amigo!”

If you would like to buy this costume now, however, we have some bad news for you. Thanks to liberal backlash, Walmart has pulled the “offensive” costume from their shelves.

“The item you mentioned was sold by a third-party marketplace seller, and it obviously had no business at all being on our site based on our Prohibited Products Policy (which includes Offensive costumes),” said a Walmart representative. “We’ve removed the costume fast and will work with that seller to see how this made it onto our site. We never intend to offend anyone.”

Clearly, our PC obsessed culture has gone WAY too far…

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