Thug Caught Stealing T-Shirt At Walmart – What Happens Next Is CRAZY!

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A disturbing new video shows a small shoplifting incident at Walmart turn into an all out brawl involving more than half a dozen people.

According to Conservative Tribune, it all started when one thug tried to steal a T-shirt from the Charlotte, North Carolina store.

The video begins after the shoplifting had occurred, and several people can be seen fighting near the exit of the store. The group pushes and shoves each other back into the Walmart, and that’s when things REALLY go downhill. 

“Somebody call the police! Please!” a woman can be heard screaming as the fight escalates. “I’ve got it! I’ll get it on tape. Just call the police!”

After what seems like an eternity, Walmart employees intervene, but the fight doesn’t end there…Instead of letting the fight go, the thugs turn on the employees of the store and threaten them.

You won’t believe what happens next…

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