Illegal Child Rushes For Pope Francis – What Happens Next Is Despicable

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Pope Francis is currently visiting the U.S., and he’s made it very clear that he’s willing to do whatever it takes to push Obama’s ridiculous agendas.

Yesterday, the pope and Obama teamed up for what was clearly a publicity stunt designed to make Americans want to let more illegals in.

Sophie Cruz, the 5 year-old daughter of illegal immigrants, made her way through the crowds on Constitution Avenue to hand the pope a note begging him to save her family. At least, that’s what the liberal media would have you believe. Clearly, this girl was a plant sent to pull at Americans’ heartstrings.

“I believe I have the right to live with my parents, I have the right to be happy,” the note read, according to Daily Mail. “All immigrants just like my dad help feed this country. They deserve to live with dignity. They deserve to live with respect. They deserve an immigration reform.”

Sophie also handed the pope a T-shirt that said, “Pope: rescue DAPA, so the legalization would be your blessing.”

Funny how this happened right before the pope is scheduled to lecture congress about immigration!

This likely won’t be the last we see of Sophie. She said she already has another letter handy to give to Obama himself.

“She lives it every day,” her father Raul said in Spanish. “She sees family get separated, and we always tell her the truth when she asks why. The fathers and mothers of U.S.-born children live in complete uncertainty.”

The bottomline is that if illegals don’t want to live in constant uncertainty, they should try to go through the process of coming to this country LEGALLY!

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