You’ll Never Take American Airlines Again When You See What They Did to This Wounded Warrior

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Marine Capt. Jason Haag was left stranded in Los Angeles along with his wife and dog without their luggage on Sunday, and the reason why is absolutely sickening.

According to The Blaze, Haag and his family was stranded because American Airlines didn’t believe the veteran when he told them that his dog Axel is a service dog. This incident happened hours after Axel was named Service Dog of the Year at the American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards.

They were about to board their flight from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. when an agent pulled them out of the line and began asking them questions about Axel. Haag served two tour of duties in the Middle East, and he explained that the dog is meant to help him cope with a traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder.


The agent, however, wasn’t buying it.

Then about five minutes before we were supposed to board, I got pulled out of line,” Haag said. “[The agent] called me up to the ticket counter, and the first thing out of his mouth was, ‘Is that a real service dog?’”

He went on to say that the agent didn’t believe what he was saying.

“He’s like, ‘Well, what’s your disability?’ and I was like, ‘Excuse me?’ because that’s not a question you’re allowed to ask under the rules and regulation,” he continued. “Then he started firing off questions in rapid succession.”

The flight ended up leaving without the Haags, and American Airlines refused to even put them in a hotel for the night.

Luckily, Robin Ganzert, CEO of the American Humane Association, showed up to personally escort the Haags to the Beverly Hilton, where the Service Dog Awards had been held that day. Ganzert later said that the organization eventually spent $1,500 on the Haag’s food and lodging, and they are now calling for American Airlines to pay them back.


“We take these matters very seriously and are looking into what exactly occurred,” American Airlines spokeswoman Andrea Huguely told the press on Monday. “Even though there was an issue with Haag’s and Axel’s travel, we are very happy to say that Haag, his wife, and Axel traveled with us, once again, today.”

“We have apologized to both Haag and his family and are very appreciative of his service to our country,” Huguely added.

It’s sickening that a veteran who put his life on the line for our country was treated in such a despicable way. Welcome to Obama’s America, folks!

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