She Never Thought Filming Her Boyfriend In Bed Would Lead To This…

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In this video, a guy tricks his girlfriend as they lay in bed with a simple spelling prank.

According to American Overlook, the man starts off by asking his girlfriend what Y-E-S spells. After thinking for a moment, the girl responds that it spells “yes.”

The boyfriend then acts her what E-Y-E-S spells, a question which appears to leave the girl dumbfounded. She is thinking as hard as she can, but her brain isn’t letting her move beyond the first question, so she is still thinking about the word “yes.”

Finally, she offers the only solution she can think of: she answers “ee-yes.”

Stunned at her answer, the boyfriend tries to explain to her that E-Y-E-S spells eyes, but she still can’t get beyond the word “yes!”

Ah, she may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but she sure is cute!

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