When He Took A Cheese Grater To A Tomato, I Was Confused – But Then He Did This

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In this fascinating video, you’ll learn how to make your own delicious tomato sauce using a cheese grater.

According to American Overlook, you need to start with fresh in-season ripe tomatoes that are both juicy and plump. Cut the tomatoes in half, then take a mixing bowl and place the cheese grater inside it.

Once you’ve done this, take the tomato and put it against the coarse side of the grater. Then, start grating, and you’ll be left with tomato juice that is ready to be used for the sauce.

After you’ve grated the tomato, you’ll just need to add some olive oil and salt and pepper. Once you’re finished, you’ll have your very own DELICIOUS tomato sauce!

I can’t wait to try this myself!

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