15 Year-Old Girl Starts Hanging Out With Muslim Men – What She Does Next Is Terrifying


September 21, 2015 6:24am PST

She was just a normal, bubbly teenage girl – then she start hanging out with older Muslim men. What happened next is truly terrifying…

15 year-old Lisa Borch’s life changed forever when she started watching ISIS beheading videos online. According to Headline Politics, she watched hours of the footage, becoming obsessed with watching the brutal executions.

After months of this, Borch began dating 29 year-old Muslim extremist Bakhtiar Mohammed Abdulla. After months of encouragement from Abdulla, Borch finally snapped…


Police received a phone call from Borch telling them to come to her home immediately as something awful had happened.

“’I heard my mother scream, and I looked out the window and saw a white man running away,” she said. “Please come here, there is blood everywhere.”

Police arrived to find Borch watching youtube videos calmly. When they asked where her mother was, she simply pointed upstairs. The cops then found Borch’s mother dead upstairs after being stabbed over 20 times.


They later found that Borch had carried out this despicable crime, inspired by the ISIS beheading videos. Her boyfriend Abdulla is said to have helped her. They reportedly planned to flee to Syria to fight for ISIS after the crime, but they were quickly arrested instead.

Danish courts have sentenced Borch to 9 years in prison for the crime, and Abdulla has been sentenced to 13 years. We can only hope that Borch learns the error of her ways, and doesn’t hang out with any more Muslims when she gets out…

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