She Screamed To Jesus When A Thug Attacked Her Baby – Then A Miracle Happened

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When a young white mother and her newborn baby boarded the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority train, they had no idea what was in store for them…

Video footage shows a big black man accost the woman and her baby, demanding that she let him hold her child. The man chased the terrified mother all over the train, until a pastor put her life on the line to rescue the mother and her child.

According to Conservative Tribune, Tameka Bates is a pastor at a local evangelical church, and she placed her body between the mother and the thug who was harassing her. As the man tried to reach around Bates to get to the baby, she told him, “The blood of Jesus is against you.”

When the thug still wouldn’t stop, Bates proclaimed “The Lord God rebuke you in the name of Jesus. You will not touch this woman!”

Finally, the train came to a stop, and Bates escorted the mother and child off the train. The thug stayed on, however, and hours later he assaulted a SEPTA officer, resulting in his own arrest.

This video proves that Jesus really is all powerful. Thank GOD he stepped in to save this mother and her baby!

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